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The Imbayakunas are an Andean music group from Ecuador that play in various festivals and events around the world. With 21 CDs to date, they continue to perform many traditional and contemporary styles of music that attract audiences from across the globe. The design and development began in April of 2013 to create a site that offers images, videos, song samples and a messaging system to both contact the group and order their CDs. This site was created using C#, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

Visit this site at:
Chalkboard is an experiment that was created in order to learn about the HTML5 canvas element as well as animation scripting using pure JavaScript. Type some text into the text box below and click the Write button to try out this experiment.

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Please enable JavaScript to test this experiment.
In 2014, a personal interest in robotics and artificial intelligence led to the initiation of a project to develop machines that are capable of interacting with the physical world.

Wolf - Raspberry Pi B+ Robot
Demonstration of Wolf and Helena
Otto - Raspberry Pi 2 Robot
Wolf was the first robot created in this project and is controlled by the .NET application Helena using network sockets over WiFi. Wolf is capable of performing a variety of remote controlled tasks as it is both portable and extensible.

  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi B+
  • OS: Raspbian Linux
  • Programming Language: Python 2.7
  • Capabilities: Speech Synthesis, Live Infrared Video Streaming, Infrared Lighting, Movement.

Helena was a .NET application created to take advantage of Microsoft's superior speech APIs. Helena is programmed to gather commands and data from the user using speech recognition and can also communicate back to the user through speech synthesis.

  • OS: Windows
  • Programming Language: .NET C#
  • Capabilities: Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition, Wikipedia Querying, Memorization and Recitation.

Otto is currently a work in progress and the latest addition to this project's family. As a pioneer of the Internet of Things (IoT) era, the possibilities and potential for this robot are limitless.

  • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2
  • OS: Windows 10 IoT Core
  • Programming Language: .NET C#
  • Capabilities: Speech Synthesis, Speech Recognition.
This project was created to analyze the visual changes of a sour cherry tree, Prunus cerasus, during a spring season in Canada. This series of images consists of a single photo taken each day from March 20th to June 30th of 2016. Spring ended on June 19th in 2016, but this project ran until June 30th to capture the growth of the tree's fruit.


FPS: (1.0)
The goal of this project was to create an interactive whiteboard that uses portable and inexpensive parts. Using a Wii Remote, Projector, Infrared LED , and a PC with the Smoothboard application, this interactive whiteboard was developed as a proof of concept that was easy to setup using tutorials that are readily available on the web.

Demonstration of the interactive whiteboard