One of the greatest adventures in life is to travel the world and see the unique landscapes and scenery that are found on our planet. I became an explorer at a very young age, and am part of a family with a long history of travel and exploration. With a lot of hard work, I have managed to visit all 7 continents with my fiancée Kathryn. Together we have shared many great experiences and pulled through tough situations together. I almost got killed by a gorilla, nearly fell off a cliff 2000 feet high, barely made it out of freezing glacial ice in an inflatable boat, nearly collapsed from exhaustion after walking 21 kilometers across volcanoes, accidentally ate peanuts that I am allergic to before a flight, and nearly got stabbed to death while being mugged. My greatest hero is Captain James Cook FRS, who pushed the boundaries of exploration and ventured to the ends of the earth where no others dare go.

To see my photographs, please click on any of the places below, or click on a place highlighted in green on the map below. Note that I have not yet uploaded photos for a few places.

North America
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South America
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